Batto Ho Waza - Junto Sono Ichi

Ordered Sword No 1

Key Points

In this waza we are dealing with an opponent who remains still so the distance we travel once engaged is limited.

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An opponent directly in front of you engages and tries to cut you. To stop their attack, you perform a nukitsuke cut to their chest, arm or throat as you move forward on your right leg.

You perform furikaburi above your head as your left leg comes forward followed by a kirioroshi towards their head as you step forward with your left leg.

Performing o-chiburi you clean the blood from your sword, replace your sword before performing noto to return the sword to the saya.

Step forward right stance Soto-giri koiguchi no kirikata

Step forward left stance (long) Sayabiki lifegiving

Step forward right leg Nukitsuke, ichimonji at chest height

Step forward left leg Tanimura-ha Furikaburi and Kirioroshi