Batto Ho Waza - Shato

Angular Sword

Key Points

This waza introduces kesa cuts ensure that the sword is set (rotated so the blade faces away from the front leg) in the hand during furikaburi before making the kirioroshi which remains a straight downward cut.

Always cut away from the leg that is in front.

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You are approached by two opponents, one directly in front of you and one off to your left.

The enemy in front engages and tries to cut you. To stop their attack, you perform a nukitsuke cut to their face and wrists as you move forward on your right leg. 

Applying pressure you perform furikaburi and make a kirioroshi cut as kesagiri from left to right to defeat the opponent.

The second opponent engages and tries to cut you with a kirioroshi to the head to stop their attack you raise the sword above your head. 

You bring your right foot up so your feet are together push the opponent back and then step back with your left foot so you are in a right leg forward stance. 

Performing furikaburi you set the sword and make  kirioroshi cut as a kesagiri from right to left to defeat them before returning to chudan stance and taking control of the area.

Performing yoko-chiburi to the side you clean the blood from your sword and then noto to return the sword to the saya.