Batto Ho Waza - Shihato Sono Ichi

Four Direction Sword No 1

Key Points

In this waza it is your right leg that moves. Imagine you have your left foot on a £50 note, if you step off it you lose it.

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You are in a group of four opponents, one  positioned to your rear left, the others are to your foward left, forward middle and forward right positions when the opponent to your front right begins to attack.

To stop the attack you perform nukitsuke thrusting the hilt of the sword at their face as you step toward them on you right leg forcing them to retreat.

Rotating your hips you turn the saya and finish drawing the sword horizontally across your chest before thrusting it one handed into the opponent at you rear.

Your furikaburi draws the sword out of this opponent and turning to face your first attacker you make a kirioroshi cut still on a right leg stance to finish them.

You turn the blade towards the middle opponent to deter an attack from that position inviting the opponent to your left to attack.

As they do you use furikaburi to stop the attack and stepping right leg stance towards them use a second kirioroshi to finish them.

Again you turn the blade to deter the front opponent but they attack so you again perform furikaburi to block the attack step forward on your right leg and make a third kirioroshi cut to finish them.

Performing yoko-chiburi to the side you clean the blood from your sword and then noto to return the sword to the saya.