Seiza no Bu - Mae


Hint for remembering: Mae is to the front.

Key Points

This waza introduces the most difficult cut, the one-handed horizontal cut.

Ensure that you point the saya slightly towards the opponents right shoulder (your left side) as you draw and use your whole body to make a big wide cut across the full width of their body.

On the Kirioroshi make the cut big, high and elipitical reach (but don't lean) forward to take as much ground as possible.

This waza was alternatively known as as Shohatto (First Draw).

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You are in a seated position when you sense the seated opponent opposite you is about to attack.

Rising from seiza to your knees and the balls of your feet you begin nukitsuke slowly allowing your opponent to reconsider and withdraw.

They continue to engage so you complete your nukitsuke cutting at their eyes (as they are in seiza) whilst moving to a kneeling position with your right foot forward and your left knee off the floor.

You perfom Kirioroshi cutting down until your sword is parallel to the ground finishing your opponent before cleaning the blood from your sword with o-chiburi and returning your sword to its saya with noto.



Starting Kamae Seiza to front

Koiguchi no Kirikata Soto-giri Seiza

Sayabiki Slow, to the eyes Seiza rising to knees

Nukitsuke Horizontal to the eyes RIght leg kneeling

Furikaburi Shimomura-ha Right leg kneeling

Kirioroshi Downward to chuden Right leg kneeling

Chiburi Oe' Rising to standing

Noto Shoden Level Standing