Eishin-Ryu Batto Ho Waza


At the request of the Dai Nihon Butoku Kai these waza were introduced in July 1939 by the 20th Eishin-Ryu Headmaster (Soke), Kono Hyakuren of the Shimomura-Ha lineage for the purpose training naval officers at the Budo Senmon Gakko (the martial arts training school in Kyoto, Japan) and are the newest sets of techniques in the Eishin-Ryu curriculum.


Originally these waza consisted of six beginning level (Shoden) forms and four deep level (Okoden) forms. Additional forms Shihoto Sono Ni and Zentekigyakuto Sono Ichi were introduced to the Shoden and Okoden sets respectively to compliment Junto Sono Ichi and embed the Tammamura-Ha lineage into the set now in use today.

All waza in these sets are made whilst standing.

The shoden set focuses on correct positioning for nukitsuke, kirioroshi, chiburi and noto as well as correct movement, timing and distance relative to the opponent(s) setting a baseline level of competence which are then developed at the Okoden level.