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What Is Iaijutsu

Why choose Iaijutsu?

Many martial arts that have self defense applications in the current world often focus on developing those skills and techniques whilst overlooking the mental and spiritual training associated with the style.

Our style does not have an obvious 'street' application, we just do not walk down the street with a sword on our hip anymore.

However the skills and techniques do have practical use. The formal structure and moderate pace of our style create the perfect environment to develop mental discipline and spiritual awareness helping you improve your everyday life.

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A brief history of our Lineage

Born in the mid 16th Century Hayashizaki Jinsuke Minamoto no Shigenobu was born near modern day Murayama City, in the Yamagata prefecture to a Samurai family under the ruling Minamoto clan. After the death of his father in a duel, Hayashizaki being only young knew he would need a significant advantage if he was to defeat his fathers killer.

He entered the local Shinto shrine and spent 100 days in prayer and practice developing a technique of drawing and cutting in a single motion which he used to prevail in the duel.

The style passed through direct transmission from teacher to student to the present day, in the early 20th century with the passing of Oe Masaji Hanshi the transmission was disseminated throughout all of his senior students.

We have trained in the teachings of Shimabukuro Hanshi and Iwata Sensei, we also train Shinto Munen Ryu Kenjutsu.

We are currently members of the Eikoku Roshukai and the Rhode Island Budo Academy,

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