The goal of Iai is not to win at all costs, it is 'not to lose at all cost!'


Iaijutsu is a traditional martial art that originates from 16th century fuedal Japan.

The art has a direct lineage back to the warring states period (Sengoku Jidai)

and has been passed down throughout the last 500 years.

The most basic essence of Iai is the drawing cut (or Nukitsuke as pronounced in japanese) followed by a finishing sword technique (Kirioroshi), the blood would then be removed from the sword (Chiburi) and finally, the resheathing of the sword (Noto).


Iaijutsu is performed either as an individual or in pairs. it consists of a number of sword techniques (waza).

The benefits of studying Japanese sword arts in the modern era are numerous.


First, it is an exciting and relaxing way to exercise.


Second, through Iai the practitioner will gradually gain an indepth control and mastery over their emotions, growing as an individual, finding a sincere calmness in spirit and an innate confidence in their whole being.


Third, it is a very difficult martial art to master, which is truly rewarding with every success that you gain.