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Our Classes

Our classes are based on a philosophy of developing a students mind, body and spirit through structured lessons teaching preparation and etiquette (saho and reiho), fundamentals (kihon), techniques (waza) and kumitachi (crossing swords).

The study Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu does not focus on grading. As an Iaidoka (students of Iaido) we strive to perfect our techniques over a lifetime of dedication and commitment understanding that we can always be better tomorrow than we are today.


Classes are held on Sunday mornings from 09.30 - 11.30 Oulton Broad, at the Oulton Community Centre, Lowestoft, NR323AZ

Monday evenings from 18:00 - 19:30 at the Oulton Broad, at the Oulton Community Centre, Lowestoft.


And on every other Thursday Evenings From 18:30-20:00 Old Lakenham Community Centere, 71-75 Harwood Road, Norwich, NR12NG


For more information call Sensei Scott on 07472 374881.


Lessons cost £5.00 per session for members

or £8.00 for Non-members with the initial class offered free.

Initially you'll only need loose comfortable clothing, a bokken (wooden sword) will be provided at the class, also Iaito are available to hire for on a hire purchase basis.

Our Class structure aims to build confidence in the Iaidoka (student of Iaijutsu) and with the weapon, from the very first lesson you will be using a bokken, and learning how to correctly and safely wield it, gradually we layer in additional complexity upon your journey.

More than any other martial art, Iaijutsu is a many faceted gem filled with multiple paradoxes, each time you think you have it all figured out, then there is another layer of complexity that draws you further into the style.

A typical class will begin with Reiho (the formal showing respect to ourselves and the art)


This is typically followed by a technical section, where we strive to improve specific areas of our technique.


We often finish the class with paired techniques, these are set patterns with a partner, gaining experience of practical swordsmanship with a partner.


The class always closes with formal Reiho.

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