Classes and Embu

If you take the easy path, life is difficult;
If you take the difficult path life is easy.

Weekly Classes

Weekly classes at
East Anglian Martial Arts Centre on Sunday Mornings
£5.00 per lesson (the first lesson is free)

Private Tuition

Private tuition specifically upon a one to one basis designed really improve an Iaidoka's technique

£35.00 per hour

Seminar Events

Our aim is to attract some of the biggest names, both nationally and internationally to the club for regular seminars throughout the year

cost varies dependent upon the length of course, usually about

£10-£20 pounds

Embu and Display

Embu is the display of Iaijutsu, ideal for shows and special occasions, it is a celebration of the very highest degree.

Embu is very formal, it consists of the completion of a number of Waza (techniques) to the very highest degree.

This is a tailor made display, so costs will depend upon location and length of the embu that is required

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The Cha No Yu (Tea Ceremony)

The Cha No Yu is a very intimate experience that specifically allows those enjoying it to forget about everything for a short period of time and just enjoy the serene pleasure of the Tea Ceremony for all of its beautiful simplicity. For the Tea Ceremony we only use the very highest quality powdered matcha Tea imported from Kyushu in Japan, at the end of the expereince the tea whisk chashaku and bowl are to be kept as a souvenir.


Tea Ceremony costs £300 plus travel costs

For More Information please Call on: 07472374881

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