Our classes are based on our philosophy of developing a students mind, body and spirit through structured lessons teaching preparation and etiquette (saho and reiho), fundamentals (kihon), techniques (waza) and kumitachi (crossing swords).

The study of our art does not end with a 'black belt' grading. As Iaidoka (students of Iaido) we strive to perfect our techniques over a lifetime of dedication and commitment understanding that we can always be better tomorrow than we are today.



Classes are held on Sunday mornings from 09.30 - 11.30 Oulton Broad, at the Oulton Community Centre, Lowestoft.

and on Monday evenings from 18:00 - 19:30 at the Lowestoft Martial Arts Centre on Commercial Road in Lowestoft


For more information call Sensei Scott on 07472 374881.


Lessons cost £5.00 per session for members

or £8.00 for Non-members with initial trial class offered free.


Initially you'll only need loose clothing, a bokken (wooden sword) will be provided at the class.

As you progress you'll need to consider purchasing the following items:

  • Shitagi set (Iaido Gi and undershirt);

  • Hakama (pleated trousers);

  • Obi (belt);

  • Knee pads;

  • Bokken; 

  • Saya (scabbard); and

  • Sageo (fastening cord).

Eventually you will want to purchase an Iaito (blunt edge katana)

Our dojo does not train with live edge weapons (shinken)

Saho and Reiho (Preparation and Etiquette)

Kihon (Fundamentals)

Waza (Techniques)

Kumitachi (Crossing swords)

Additional activities in complimentary arts are offered when and where available only under qualified instruction.