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Instructors at HKNK

We are committed to providing an inclusive environment where all students receive training that is suited to their needs and improving their abilities.

Classes are fun and relaxed but focused, they are intended to encourage steady improvement in the student.


I am very enthusiastic about learning and take a personal interest in each of my students personal development. 

Scott Calver, Senior Instructor and Club Founder

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About Scott,


I began studying martial arts as a student of Shotokan Karate at the age of fourteen here in Lowestoft, after a prolonged period of being bullyied at school, i wanted to develop self confidence and gain the courage to look after myself.


Having suspended my martial arts training while serving in the British Armed Forces, I then returned to Shotokan Karate at the Satori dojo under my old sensei Chris Broadley in Lowestoft achieving Shodan rank in 2004.


I have been studying Iaijutsu since 2014 with the Rhode Island Budo Academy and i have studied under a number of other Iaijutsu sensei. I have taken a look at many other lineage of Iaijutsu, but always find myself coming back to Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu.

I have studied military history throughout my life, focusing on the Sengoku Jidai (Age of the country at war) and the american Civil War. I am contemplative, and often enjoy demonstrating the Japanese Tea Ceremony (Chanoyu) as i attempt to find Heijoshin (Peace of Mind).


I attempt to engage my students and enthuse them with both the technical and spiritual side of Iaijutsu, encouraging my students while reinforcing their achievements.

Gav Cane, Assistant Instructor

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 Gav began his artial arts journey training Judo for a number of years, he then broadened his martial arts experience by branching out in to Karate then still further into mixed martial arts eventually settling on the far more sublime art of Iaijutsu. Gav has now been training for five years in Iai and has developed a solid technique based firmly in sound basic form.


  Gav can always be found in the Dojo helping students out and is the lead instructor in the Norwich club on Thursday nights

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