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August Monthly Round Up

Hi everyone,

This month has definitely been an interesting month, we have been plagued with illnesses and injury but also we have the pleasure of chris returning after his leg injury, it is indeed good to have you back on the mondays towering over everyone at class!! And Neen also with her untimely illness.

It is great that we now have a third class started in Norwich with both Tracy and Gav at the helm, it is a really good opportunity for some of you who are further out to get another valuable class in, please get in contact with either Tracy Gav or myself if you require further details.

We have also seen the first sign ups for the february seminar who have paid already (i was pleased that i was not the only person paying early), please hurry with booking your place as with foreknowledge of guaranteed numbers will give me the ability to book a larger hall if necessary, if not places will be limited by our hall at the oulton community centre. My paypal details to make payment is:

also if you do use this method send me a message so i know who has sent me payment and i can update the club records.

This month i have seen some really positive things happen within the club that some of you may not have picked up upon (i hope that you have though), each time i watch you all train i see the improvement that you are all making, and it is truly a joy for me, but also i see you all grow as a group, it is the friendship and comaraderie that we all share on the sunday mornings and monday evenings (and Tuesday in norwich also too now).

With the October grading under 7 weeks away, we now need to be looking at how many classes we can get in if anyone is intending on grading this time around, i really need to see as much of how you guys are coming on before the grading as possible.

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