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Hi everyone,

with three months until the next club grading i wanted to say a few words on the subject…

whether you train under a kyu/dan grade or a menkyo kaiden system, the principle is the same, grading is something that so many people get hung up/anxious about…

to me a grading is a chance to show what you have learnt, a chance to prove to yourself and your instructor that you have improved and that your journey continues along the correct path..

each time you grade the level of complexity that you need to put into your training will increase slightly, some things will change in the way they are initiated or carried out… this is natural as you move on within your training you will be encouraged to adapt to more situational influences and concepts….

There is nothing wrong with giving yourself additional time, ‘to skip a grading‘ as it were and in many ways this shows a mental maturity often lacking in martial arts, the ability to evaluate out current progress…

That being said, sometimes you will feel you have not improved but may well be doing fine…. This is very natural, it is our mind judging ourselves by what we see around us, rather than our own journey, judging by someone elses… their journey is different to ours.

I guess the real thread here that we need to hold onto is that there is no hurry, enjoy the journey, your training and keep your beginners mind.

Thanks everyone for your continued support, together we are HKNK..


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