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January Update

Hi everyone,

First of all, hope you are all well, and after another busy weekend, now rested and rejuvenated.

Secondly, We have a good monday evening class next week, i think you will all enjoy, if you can make it.... then it is well worth making it.

and last Thirdly, The locker space at oulton cc has now been established it is secure so the kendo bogu will be there going forward, allowing us to start the 1 in 6 classes wearing bogu if people want. currently the club only has 2 sets, but is always on the lookout for more. We will be wearing bogu during the class (optional) and the last hour and a half of this class will be purely dueling in armour or paired waza. This will be more than just bashing one another over the head, it is a chance for us to really delve into the proper technique with no fear of injury... (Though i know some of you are going to be bashing one another over the head as much as you can..... Tracy... Steve.... Gav!!!!) I am aiming to begin this on the 5th of march and will be every 6 weeks thereafter.

It is now updated in the club calendar.

I look forward to seeing you all next weekend.

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