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July Round up

Hi everyone,

Here we are at the end of July, we have had a number of positive points this month, the club itself is now thriving, of which i can only thank you all as you 'ARE' the club!

As you are all aware I have intentionally focused the training on grading this past month, my intention is to ensure you all have confidence in your grading requirements long before we get to them, enabling you all to practice them in your own time. My aim next few months will be to lessen this a bit as you will be able to train these in your own time.

Tracy and Gav hosted their first session in Norwich, after watching some of the videos i must confess i was very impressed, i think this is a great step forward, and i thank everyone for attending, and i believe they are planning to make it a regular event.

It has been very nice from a personal point of view to see many of you picking up your first Iaito (edit for Grant: 50th Iaito) as you will no doubt have already noticed, using an Iaito changes your Iai dynamic immeasurably,it is like things get a bit more serious!

Though we have stopped actively advertising for students due to a sincere determination to keep the quality as high as possible, we have 4-5 more people coming over the next few weeks to potentially join us (including some returning students who have not trained for a year or so) also we may well be joined this weekend with some guests from Bournemouth and possibly even as far afield as Japan, i know that you will all as you always do, give everyone the warmest of welcomes. It is after all why we created the Hexagonal design for our club Mon (the flawless interlocking, close bond of the hive and the gathering and sharing of knowledge... hence three hexagons)

I have recently been in conversation with Sensei Tom Duffy about coming to us in February next year, he has agreed so we need to arrange the timing of it asap, so we can get flights, the hotel accomodation and hall hire arranged. costs will be as cheap as possible, but for sure it will be worth every penny!!!

And finally i really want to wish you all a profitable and fruitful August, going forward who knows what we can achieve going forward...


'The universe will only ever be as big as your comprehension...'

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