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June Round up

As we come to the end of yet another month, we have to look at our achievements, It has been another busy month for sure, Successful and quite telling to the way our club has a sincere bond that has formed between us all, and that is why:

I would love to thank once again Gav, Tracy and Dale for stepping in at the start of the month to cover the classes whilst i was away for 2 and a half weeks, you have had many kind words passed to me from everyone about your teaching technique, and it allowed the club to keep the doors open so everyone could continue to enjoy their training together.

As always i want to thank you all for making the club the success it is, with all you turning up each week we can continue to work together to improve our technique as a whole, likewise when i did return to the lines, it was truly heart warming to see that you had all learnt your grading waza, plus also some other bits and bobs, and it is that which gives me a buzz and a lift to continue on when i feel a bit down. Indeed it was telling that none of you had slouched off whilst i was away!

We also had a Kenjutsu workshop again (as we aim for every six weeks) we delved deep into the basics of the whole tachi uchi no kata (our first set) i could see that no one was out of their depth, though some of these really are quite complex, i am sure that by the time of the next workshop (6th August) you will all have a good grasp of all of this set.

On a final note as you all know, at the very start of this month i finally got to train with My Sensei Tom Duffy (after all these years) and Sensei Mebis. For me the pinnacle of my martial artd life so far, and such a great experience i really want you all to share in this by going to seminars in the future of which also i wish to arrange a seminar every year at our club (sensei Duffy and I really hope to make this a reality early next year)

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