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May Update

Hi everyone,

Yet another amazing month, first of all i must thank Semsei Tim Hamilton coming down from the north for the seminar, it felt like everyone enjoyed it and gained really valuable information.

Next i wish to give a warm welcome to the new students who have joined us, i really hope you find as much enjoyment in your Iai as i do.

It is for me very enjoyable seeing you all develop, i know it may not seem as such but believe me it really is, Iai is a martial art measured in years, not months, there is no short cut to the finish line (exactly because there is no finish line).

Next month i will be leaning heavily on Gav, Tracy and Dale, as you are all aware, i will be training with Sensei Mebis and finally with Sensei Duffy in the first week of June, then the next week i jet off to sunnier climes.

And last but definitely not least, i want to thank each and every one of you for making your club the huge success that it has become.

See you all on the 18th of June!!!

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