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Hi everyone,

As i mentioned on the whatsapp page a couple of days ago, Sensei Tom Duffy has kindly agreed to come over from the country of Uncle Sam, in February next year, this is yet another chance to train with another senior Yudansha in our art. I for one am so excited, i am sure we will have a really good turn out, including members of the YNBK and RIBudo academy traveling in from further afield, rest assured it will be an intense weekend of Iai and Kenjutsu.

Tomorrow we have the next Kenjutsu workshop, i foresee that we will have a very good turn out this weekend, the focus now that we are starting to get to grips will be to look at improving technique, this will incude things like posture, timing and distance, i know also that the bogu will be worn by some (though there is no obligation for this) so some of you may push the intensity with one another from time to time (though i urge, always be aware of losing control to the beast within)

We have some more new prospective students starting over the next couple of weeks also, what with being joined by Yuko last week, and international attendees from all over the world coming in february next year, we really are living upto our remit of inclusivity.

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow guys, and have a fantastic Weekend!!!

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