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November Round Up

Hi everyone,

As always another month flies by too quickly. It was nice to see whilst i was away, topping up my tan and drinking too many Belgian beers and jugs of sangria, that Gav and Dale were able to keep everything on point.

On that point also it is very good for me to see you all after i have been away for just a couple of short weeks, i can see the improvement you have made...

I have the early bird prices for the Belgian Gasshuku now, and would like to get numbers sorted as quickly as possible.

I am going to be training the full four days, but i will have the breakdown for 1, 2, 3 and 4 day costs, note the early prices are discounted for early sign up, so they will go up.

1 day- 50

2 days - 90

3days- 120

4 days- 140

Amazing price and to train at hombu too, this will be a great break for everyone going, i know 4-5 of you want to come, so lets get this sorted asap.

Also, i would like everyone who is coming to Toms Seminar here to clear up remaining fees now as we need to settle up for that.

And finally annual membership and insurance is due, i have let everyone know about how we will do this going forward this year (Basically, most of you will get a discount on your membership to bring it in line with Hombu)....

And finally, it is the week before the xmas meal, it will be a great chance for us to meet and chat in a relaxed atmosphere and share a couple of drinks!!!

Have a great week everyone and see you all saturday!!!

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