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October Monthly Round Up

Hi everyone,

Here we are again, another month that seems to have gone by far too quickly, its been an exciting October with not only a Kenjutsu class but the club grading also. The additional Iaito and Bokken have arrived ready for the seminar in february, it is going to be an amazing event for sure, if you can do both days you will not regret it.

With a successful grading comes a greater emphasis on the basics, yes we have to learn some nifty new techniques but it is the basics that really become more important, those fundamental movements, better controlled and delivered more efficiently become where your technique can be seen.

So many students will rush to the next set of techniques, never looking back, instead looking toward the next grading, not aware that the basics is what you will still be judged upon, yes you are expected to know your next grading syllabus and be able to semonstrate you have learnt it, but the real improvement should be seen within your basic technique.

As we continue, we delve deeper into the way we perform our cutting, refraining from hitting the target and instead using the correct delivery to slice, over time, by focusing on the basics the cut will appear more and more effortless. Our Furi-Kaburi will gain additional efficiency, removing the chance for an opponent to gain the Maai upon us, and allowing us to keep seme.

I am very proud of how you have all come in the last few months, and i thank you all for the hard work and attention you give.

Going forward, over the next few months until february, my intention is for you all to have these sets committed to memory.

Batto-ho Shoden

Seitei Kata

Batto-ho Okuden

Tachi uchi no kata

Batto-ho Tachiwaza

Additionally i will ensure that teh Shoden Omori Ryu and Tachi uchi no kurai are passed on to the 5th kyu grades and above.

In these is all of your grading syllabus, so do not panic, focus on the basics, and keep your eyes on the grading syllabus to see what parts specifically are required for your next grading (in February).

Likewise, if you have any questions please get in contact and i will answer you as best as i can.

See you all in the lines..

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