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September Monthly Round Up

Hi everyone,

A little bit early for the monthly round up, it has been a very much a game of two halves, firstly the less welcome part, we have had a plagued with injuries and illnesses (one or two very serious) which have left us worrying for one another and with smaller class sizes.

But that in itself brings me to the positive part, i feel has proven to us all just how tight knit as a club we are, we have all come together for one another, and it has shown, especially as we come out of the other side, with chris back and neen set to return at the weekend..

So as we come through this month we have had new members attend and have joined us, and our unity grows with it. We have also future plans taking shape, with Tracy preparing the xmas meal on the 2nd of December, wild horses will not keep me away for sure, and 18-19 February when we have Sensei Duffy and Sensei Valerie coming over from the US, This will be so much fun and so informative we will all benefit immensely (Tom has advised me that we will be very Kenjutsu heavy throughout the weekend), we have new iaito and bokken coming for the club, they should be arring next month (November at latest)

The thursday sessions are going well and have had very positive numbers for their first months (when i started it was more than a few months before i had anyone attend at all, so to have people trainin straight off the bat is absolutely amazing), these classes will only grow as they move forward, also it increases our geographical footprint.

Finally, i know many of you are worried about the grading coming just three more sundays away, i will say it again, i think you have all improved massively and i am impressed with how far you have all come, ii wish you all luck and i am sure you will all do fine...

Thanks everyone have a great week and i will see you all on Sunday!

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