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This Sunday

Hi Everyone,

This weekend will be for sure a great class, we have our Dedicated Kenjutsu class, devoting the entire class to paired waza.

Over the last 5-6 weeks since the previous kenjutsu class i have been watching all of your ersonal improvement, it has been for me a great pleasure to witness all of your hard work as you have progressed.

I intend to have each and everyone of you train together, so the class will be brisk and lively, this is intentional and will give us two key benefits.

1) we will each learn that different body shapes change the dynamic of each waza inn its execution.

2) by training at a higher intensity than normal, our minds are forced to work on autopilot, my aim is to improve the memory recall of each waza...

I for one am really looking forward to the class and i know you will be also!!

See you sunday morning!!!

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