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When less is more?

Sometimes when we start something there is an urge to ‘do everything’ martial arts is one pastime that this truly applies to.

So many martial arts have multi layered drill systems, teaching hand arts, kicks and blocks, weapons, locks and throws, then movingr into further studies of pressure points, chi or ki control and zen…

now for me i have nothing against this pursuit of the rounded warrior/complete combatant but with the time it takes I consider that we must all focus our studies on one discipline (unless you literally train 8 hours a day everyday). if the average martial artist trains 4-5 hours a week (i train about 15-16 hours a week) then to break that into two martial arts halves you progression, then to develop a third or even a fourth style into your regime, will slow your progression further meaning that the average student may only be training an hour a week….

That all said i do think we should cross train from time to time as it does broaden our horizon and allows us to see a more rounded picture of combat regimen…

ultimately the most important thing is to train, do not give up on your goals, it is a journey not a race, and understand that the only obstacles in the way of your training are obstacles that you have placed there…

have a great weekend everyone i am truly blessed with an amazing group of students and i hope to see you all on sunday and monday..

domo arigato goziemashita


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