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Beware the snake oil

Hi everyone, hope you are all well, want to write a small piece about the charlatans out there.

We have all seen the get rich quick plans, the 5 minute diets, but also we have to be aware of 'Mcdojo's'

They have been something that has been around for as long as martial arts has been a thing, i feel for people who become embroiled in one and they can often be difficult to see, but there are always big clues.

Often they will have set price plans with guarenteed black belts at the end of courses, they will also be run more like a cult than a club. Sales practices can be nothing short of nuisance, bordering on illegal.

Now there is only one reason someone runs a Mcdojo, it is to make money... pure and simple, and if all you want is to be rich that is fine. But the role of a sensei is more that of a mentor and a guide, sharing knowledge to grow that particular art..

A martial arts student will always adopt psychological principles from thier sensei/sifu and if these are selfless principles then the art will flourish, rather than diminish. The positive effect will be confident, generous students that are a benefit to society and have an positive effect on those around them.

If on the other hand students are used as a cash machine in a Mcdojo, then the students will learn a selfish norm of personality from their teacher and domination will be the norm, a vapid aggressive culture will likely develop across the club as a whole. This behaviour will likely also be carried into the outside world where it can only bring a negative impact upon the student and those around them (interestingly, because they have probably not learned that it is ok to be wrong, the poor student will not have the correct skills to rectify the situation) blaming others for their lot.

My journey will continue and though i will always be a beginner, always willing to learn more, i hope those around me can learn something from me (i know all of my students and friends teach me something new everytime we meet)

See you all sunday!

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