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January '24 roundup

It has been a while since i posted on the blog, for that you have my apologies, though a bout of covid at the end of the year and my university studies all contributed....

So Here we are, end of january already, and the new year has brought us new challenges and with it new goals and aspirations...

The club has had some hiccups with our monday class but in february we will be alternating between Commercial road and Oulton Community Centre.

And now the really great news, we are only just over two weeks away from hosting our second club seminar, and i know you are all as excited as i am to have Sensei Tom Duffy here, on top of that we also have Tim coming down from Darlington and Valerie will be accompanying Tom (to ensure he does not get into any trouble here!!) And of course we have Nicole coming over from Germany too. This will be an amazing experience, and i am sure you will all love training with Tom.

Also remember Tom is going to be hosting a grading on the Sunday Morning for those who feel ready, and wish to test.

I want wish Ruth a warm welcome to the club, although you have had a few hiccups i know you will be in the lines with us soon and wish you a speedy recovery!!

Looking forward to seeing you all this weekend..

Thanks and Regards,


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